We are a unification of pottery and produce.  

Dedicated to combining sacred, earthly goods and bringing them to you, to hold and cherish.


Held Goods is Michelle Hochkeppel.  Michelle is a steward to the land and is dedicated to connecting people with the magic it creates.  Michelle has been making wheel-thrown pottery for fifteen years and has studied under instructors in Washington DC, New York City and Peru. 

While in South America, Michelle became interested in food sustainability, food systems and farming.  Since her initial trip she’s worked on five farms in and outside the United States as well as led a Garden Education program to K-8th graders in Portland, Oregon.  Michelle enjoys sharing the earth’s simple treasures with others.


Michelle’s degree in Art History from George Washington University has afforded her the ability to perceive and execute design, spatial agreements and building flow.  This unique perspective will create an interactive show room.  

Michelle is naturally nurturing, fastidious and takes all elements into consideration when providing for others.